Cordyceps is known as ?/span>winter worm, summer plant?/span> since.  it grows mushroom in Summer from an insect infected by spores that hibernates during the Winter. Natural Cordyceps is rather unique and rare creature that is usually found in the high lands such as Himalayas. It was available to only some prestigious people in the past. Still, however, Cordyceps is quite limited to meet the demand.
Cordyceps has been used as a alternative medicine. It has been effective on enhancing immune system, increasing vitality, inhibiting cancer, building stamina, improving asthma, strengthening lung, heart and kidney functions, supporting male potency. As a result, it gained a nickname - Panacea. Cordyceps militaris is one of Cordyceps strains that has mushroom fruit body in Orange color and silkworm pupa as host body. This Cordyceps militaris is tested by Korea Food Research Institute and is approved as health food. Among the Cordyceps, ?/span>militaris?/span> and ?/span>sinensis?/span> are the most well known strains. The Cordyceps militaris, however, surpasses the Cordyceps sinensis in containing components that are good for healing diseases, for instance, Cordycepin, polysaccharide, antioxidant (SOD), amino acids, protein, vitamin and so on. See the comparison table 1

  Table 1.
Component comparison between Cordyceps militaris and   Cordyceps sinensis

Source: China Science Institute Shimyang Edible Center


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