Activity as a tonic and immunolodical agent

It has the effect to renovate the chronic weak body and recover respiratory system.
And also it is used to be antiaging agent and prevents the adult disease as a tonic
and antioxidant effect (SOD). Because it makes hemoglobin dose high and inhibits
lipids and oxidants it acts to stop the motile fatigue.

The effect for blood flow, heart disease and cerebral vascular trouble

Due to its antihypertensive, cholesterol decreasing, antianoxia, it has been used to
prevent the heart disease, arteriosclerosis and cerebral apoplexy.

Activating the human heart
 Human heart as a pump needs enormous energy and coenzyme Q is essential for
its energy. Though coenzyme Q called Ubiquinone is not true vitamin, it acts as a
real vitamin. According to the recent report, the patient in heart disease has a little
coenzyme Q. That is, human heart becomes better because vitamin E and serene in
human body makes heart chamber volume large, blood flow fine and the fatigue
recovery of heart muscle fast.

Prevention against diabetes
Zinc(Zn) is effective compound to diabetes because it is essential to secrete insulin in pancreas. And also it is required when human cell takes glucose or sucrose from blood. That is, when zinc is deficient in body, the insulin secretion is little, the cell activity is decreased and so biosynthesis of insulin is not possible. Cunuli Cordyceps militaris contains zinc more than 130 ppm.

Renovating renal failure

  It has an activity to fast treat or inhibit BNU or creatine in kidney. BNU is excreted and become urine. But when BNU is remained in body due to the functional weakness of kidney, much trouble happens in urinaty and granular sphere. C. militaris has not only a effective function to minimalize such a trouble but also is renovated kidney through increasing the blood flow rate of it.

Activity against asthma and allergy

It can be a useful therapeutic agent for asthma, chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema because it has anti-inflammatory, bronchial enlargement and respiratory activity.

Cordyceps militaris induced adrenalin secretion to enlarge bronchi during asthma.

The Effect on hepatic disease
- The macrophage activated by Cordyceps militaris and other immune cell recognize
hepatic virus as foreign substances and attack them.
The following effects on C. militaris are reported in Japan and China.
1. Decreasing or removing ascitic fluid by hepatic cirrhosis.
 Normalizing liver function with increasing albumin in blood.
3. Removing subjective symptom of hepatic cirrhosis patients through renewing
bilirubin, LDH cholesterol, GOT, GTP and r-GTP

Anti-tumor activity

 Cordycepin, polysaccharide, ergosterol and peroxide contained in C. miliraris show
antitumor activity and they promote resistances and immunity of human body and so
repress cancer cells and growth rate of them.

Anti-bacterial and antifungal activity
Cordyceps militaris is effective to tuberclosis, pneumonia, hepatitis and atopic allergy
and is preventive to tooth decay and periodontal disease as inhibiting contaminant
bacteria in mouth.


(The Power of Cordyceps militaris, written by Nanbatuneou)


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