Dear client

This is Jae Il Lee who is managing both JANGBACK militaris

Cordyceps farm as a farmer and Cunuli Co., Ltd. as a CEO.

Cunuli Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacture and sale Cordyceps militaris.

Cordyceps militaris  is one of 750 kinds of Cordyceps and is revealed the superiority of its high qualitific therapy from a lot of famous scientific papers.

Actually, we have already obtained 2 patents with mass cultivation technology of Cordyceps militaris for the first time in the world and also have been nominated for leaders of technical agriculture fields by Korean government in 1999.

Now, we manufacture and export Cordyceps militaris and Codycepin what is anti-cancer substance as a leading bio-venture company in Korea.


Chairman :  Jae - il. Lee    

Tel : 82-43-225-0333  /  Fax : 82-43-221-5358

Address :  220-6 Daedeog-Li, Miwon-Myon, Cheongwon-Gun, Chungbug, Korea


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